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How to Keep Your Black Salon Towels Lasting Longer

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You know that your clients love the black Bleachsafe® salon towels that you’ve been using. You love using black towels for your salon because they are generally low maintenance, they hide stains and look professional. But black towels from Bleachsafe® offer benefits that greatly increase the quality and durability of your towels. Even though Bleachsafe® towels are pretty easy to take care of, there are some things you can do to keep them at their best. Here’s how you can keep your Bleachsafe® Black towels clean:

Wash your new towels before using:

Don’t just put that new towel on the bathroom hook or towel bar right when you buy it! Washing towels in hot water with your favorite laundry detergent or soap will help get them ready for use. Add ½ cup of washing soda to a full load of towels if you want to kick your detergent up a notch and clean more effectively.

If you find yourself with new Black Salon towels that are slick and will not absorb, here’s what to do:

  1. Soak them in the washer in cold water and ¼ cup of Epsom salts overnight. Add bleach and wash as usual.
  2. Wash nonabsorbent towels several times in a row and do not add fabric softener.
  3. Sometimes hanging these towels to dry instead of drying in the dryer for a couple of washings works well.

Wash your Black Salon towels separately:

Do not wash dark towels and light towels together, ever! This is both for the Black Salon towels’ longevity and other items you wash with them. Towels can cover co-washed clothes with lint. And clothes with zips, hooks, and buttons can pull loops out of Black Salon towels and snag others. Dark-dyed towels will lose a considerable amount of dye during their first several washings. The light towels will pick up the color and fuzz them from the dark ones, and the dark towels will end up with light-colored lint all over them. This will keep both intact.

Read Directions:

Do not wash anything else with your salon’s black towels. Washing things together transfers lint from item to item. Always wash your Black Salon towels in the hottest possible water. Wash towel sets together so any color fading is uniform.

Skip the silicone softeners, if possible:

Some fabric softeners contain water-repellent silicone, the death knell for Black Salon towels’ absorbency. Fabric softener will provide you with soft, fluffy towels, but overuse will make the towels less absorbent. Use softener every second or third time instead of every time you launder them.

Let them hang out:

Between uses, hang towels loosely on the towel rod or on hooks to allow quick air-drying. This will keep mold at bay, meaning your towels stay fresh longer and need fewer washings (a double plus: less work for you and less machine time for the towels).

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