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It may have been the title of this article that captured your attention. Whether or not this is the case, it is still true that you can bleach colored towels, but this is not a feat that can be attempted on just any regular towels. The only towels that have proven to be bleach safe and still maintain their color are BleachSafe® towels.

Alot of people struggle to keep towels looking as good as when they first bought them. The towels eventually fade away and look old and washed out within a few sessions of washing them with bleach. Ordinary towels bleach quite easily because their fiber is not meant to withstand the harsh chemicals that are found in most bleaches, hence giving them the faded look soon after. Running a hair salon or a similar business does require that you practice and maintain the highest degrees of hygiene. This will typically mean that in order not to rouse the concerns of your clients, you will need to occasionally bleach your towels, and yes including your colored towels.

Towels Bleach Even With ColorTowels from BleachSafe® are the best option you have because of the fact that even after they are bleached, the color on them still remains as vibrant as ever for longer. Normal towels bleach quite easily after a couple of washes. Also bleaches are known for the harsh hard effects and over time, your towels’ texture will change and feel rough. This is hardly an experience you would want for your clients. You may be asking yourself as to why you can’t simply use white towels that can be bleached easily with no hassle. The only problem is that numerous salons across the country use white towels all in a bid to ‘prove’ to their clients just how hygienic they are. It may be true that white colors for towels do indeed tell a lot about your hygiene levels, but white is a rather dull and common look; two things you do not want your establishment to be associated with. Bursts of color is a great way of bringing a cheerful atmosphere to your salon and it can work great with whatever color scheme you may have chosen.

Ordinary towels bleach because of the quality of the fiber used to make them. It is not engineered to retain color while letting go of dirt and grime. BleachSafe® towels are the only towels that you can safely use bleach on, without having to worry about their colors fading.

Towels are not the only thing that BleachSafe® provides. They provide a variety of other products based on categories such as gym & spa, salon, hotels and home kitchens. The products range from towels, to capes to hair color remover. You will be able to feel a sense of accomplishment if you are able to provide your customers with only the best in terms of the products you use and the services you provide.


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